IBSADERMA is a division of IBSA Farmaceutici Italia Srl dedicated to Dermo Aesthetics.

The IBSA pharmaceutical company (Institut Biochimique SA) was founded in 1945 in Lugano by a group of Swiss biologists. For a long time, it was a small company with about 60 employees who only sold products to the local market.

In 1985, IBSA was bought by the current owner and President of the company, Dr. Arturo Licenziati, who guided the company in an intensive development program that, thanks to innovative technologies, has brought the company to fine-tune active ingredients and create pharmaceuticals which are highly tolerated and effective therapies.

Today the Group is present in over 70 countries around the world with over 1800 employees, one third of which work in Italy: it is an important economic and scientific organization in the Italian pharmaceutical sector. The Group developed their business in Lodi, where IBSA has their headquarters and their subsidiary, Bouty, in Rome with their operating and representative office and last, but not least, a manufacturing plant in Morra de Sanctis (AV). The creation of new branches and joint ventures abroad has further enlarged the company’s area of influence. This phase of expansion is still ongoing.

With over 55 exclusive international patents, their activity covers various therapeutic areas: pain, sports medicine, aesthetic medicine, orthopedics and rheumatology, endocrinology, urology-gynecology, infertility, pneumology, dermatology and most recently, cardiometabolic medicine.